mega888 Why is 2012 so special? The Precessional Cycle

Why is 2012 so special? The Precessional Cycle

The significance of 2012 is related to the so-called Precessional cycle. It is a cycle of the precession of your axis. It is a point in time, Earthly linear time, where the poles of your planet are aligned to a specific frequency generated from what you call quasars, which are large stellar bodies. Approximately every 26,000 years, your Earth tilts at exactly the right angle to align with these stellar bodies, which emit what are called “scalar electromagnetic impulses.”

At the end of each Precessional Cycle, the Earth and the solar system pass through what is called a region of scalar electromagnetic impulses, or an area of space in which the EM field polarities become weaker. This weakness in the EM fields sometimes (but not usually) causes the north and south poles of the Earth to reverse polarity.

Please note that reversal of EM polarity has nothing to do with Earth’s rotation. The Earth will continue rotating at roughly the same rate of speed and direction (velocity) as it has for millions of years. The only thing that could significantly change the Earth’s rotation quickly would be a collision with a large asteroid, planetoid or planet, and this is not likely to take place any time within the next million or so years. In fact, according to our estimates, it will likely be over one billion Earth years before such an event occurs.

At that particular point in your Earth’s evolutionary cycle, the electromagnetic field fluctuates and changes in such a way that it creates a great deal of change on Earth. Your Mayan civilization has recorded this event in their calendars and your prophets and psychics have foreseen this time of great change.

It is a wonderful opportunity for you, as evolving souls, to experience this transformation and grow from it, if you are willing to accept and embrace the opportunity.

The current Precessional Cycle is scheduled to end on December 21, 2012.The period of time representing the exact alignment (the ending and beginning of Precessional Cycles) is about three days duration in Earth time. The exact midpoint of the next precessional alignment is around 23:00 GMT on December 21, 2012. For about 36 hours before and after this time, the energies of the alignment will be at maximum and the portals opened around the Earth will be causing major shifts in souls. Please remember, beloved Creators, that the actual rotation of the Earth will not change significantly. The sun will still rise in the east and set in the west, and the days and nights will still be roughly the same length as always. This is an electromagnetic phenomenon, not a gravitational or rotational one.

Humans’ experience of this event will vary significantly. Despite the inevitability of the event, there are several factors that can be influenced by free will.

Throughout this book, we are referring to individual will as well as collective will. If a large number of souls direct their collective will in a particular manner, it can have an impact on so-called inevitable or unmovable realities.

As you grow and evolve, you will learn how to alter many of the events that seem fixed in time and space at present. However, at this juncture, very few of you have raised your vibration sufficiently to have an appreciable impact on cosmic events.

Here are some of the variables associated with the Precessional Cycle of 2012, many of which are a function of free will:

(1) The severity of the EM distortions;

When we examine the mechanics of the precessional alignment later in this chapter, you will see that there are many factors that determine how severe the EM fluctuations are, including the position of the solar system in relation to the center of the galaxy, as well as variations within the core of the Earth and the solar system itself (including EM fluctuations in your sun).

(2) The severity of the climate changes;

There are several human and natural factors influencing Earth’s climate. These include your emission of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide). Ocean currents and atmospheric pressure anomalies also figure prominently. Some humans are experimenting with weather control and introducing chemicals into the atmosphere to direct the path and formation of storms. Although many general trends can be easily predicted, specific dates for storms, droughts and other weather phenomenon is almost impossible to see, even at our level of awareness.

(3) The severity of the impact on technology and telecommunications;

Back when your calendar turned to 2000, you got very worried that your computers would go down due to a programming glitch. In reality, EM fluctuations do far more damage than any program error could ever do. If you are overly dependent on your telecommunications industry, then the rapid and severe fluctuations of 2012 and the other events described here will make things very difficult. While your consciousness will influence the ability of your technology to function, the bottom line, dear Creators, is that you need to be dependent only on God and not your technology, for your devices will fail you from time to time.

(4) The degree of cellular mutation experienced;

Those of you that are already building your master template of ascension will continue to experience cellular mutations. The mutations experienced by most of humanity will likely cause extreme fluctuations in mood and emotional state. Many souls will be unable to withstand the changes and will experience a decline of the immune system, opening them up to all manner of exotic viruses and bacteria. Others will make it through the changes with their physical bodies and go on to build enlightened self-sufficient spiritual communities.

(5) The level of impact on the emotional and mental bodies of humans;

Although the dominant timelines are pretty much preset, free will does play a part in the level of intensity of the experience. The more you can let go of fear and open to your God Self, the easier the transition will be for you. Your overall emotional and mental health will be put to the test during the precessional alignment. You might feel as though you are going crazy. Little emotional hurts will be greatly magnified, as will your emotional highs. You might experience being ecstatically blissful one moment and severely depressed the next. Your ability to go within to the center of your being will be essential. To quote one of your favorite phrases, you will not have the luxury of entertaining negative thoughts.

(6) The degree and influence of positive and negative ETs and ascended beings from the higher realms;

You have a lot of helpers and a few hinderers, whose roles during the changes will be detailed in Chapter 10. Your ability to embrace or refrain from embracing their help, depending on the quality of what is being offered, will greatly add to or subtract from your experience of the precessional alignment.

(7) The number of humans cycling out of incarnation;

All of you have free will, and that means you can elect to use the precessional alignment as an opportunity to propel yourselves forward in terms of soul growth. However, a majority of humans on Earth will find the changes overwhelming. In essence, their souls are not ready to undergo the shift and so they will find a way of exiting the Earth plane. After leaving their bodies, they will eventually reincarnate on another third density planet that is appropriate to their level of awareness. The number of souls likely to exit during the three-day window of the precessional alignment is actually quite small, but the number taken over the period 2012 to 2030 is quite significant. We estimate that around 10% of humanity will choose to exit near the beginning of that time period, but by the time 2030 rolls around, over three-quarters of the souls currently inhabiting the Earth will likely be gone from the physical plane.

(8) The number of humans ascending during this event.

It is estimated that between 10 million and 30 million humans will be sufficiently evolved to be able to enter fifth density during the period of 2012 to 2030. The exact number will depend on free will decisions.

Although the passage of the Earth through the altered EM field generated by the precessional alignment cannot be prevented by free will, the experience can vary greatly from one human being to another depending on the physical, emotional, mental (psychological), astral, etheric and causal state of each person. Humans embodying Divine principles of love and compassion will likely have a much more positive experience of this event. Humans desiring to ascend in the “first wave” can use this opportunity to complete their 3D/4D dense body experience and move into the 5D light body.

The alignment of 2012 is often referred to as the “first wave” opportunity for souls to ascend. It is unlikely that millions of souls will actually ascend all at once on December 21, 2012. The transition will be spread out over many years. The precessional alignment acts as a catalyst for change, not as an absolute deadline for humanity. However, those who are undecided as to their course of action will find it extremely difficult to remain undecided after 2012. In a sense, the portal opened by the fluctuating EM fields creates a “ring-pass-not” effect within the etheric planes, meaning that almost all of humanity will pass through a one-way door into their chosen reality on or around that date.

Essentially what this will do to the physiological and psychological state of humans is magnify what is already present within consciousness. Those humans who are living in a state of fear will likely experience the Precessional Cycle in a fearful manner. Many of them will cycle out of their 3D/4D bodies and reincarnate on another planet more suitable for their level of soul experience. Like the ascension, this will take place over a period of years, not all at once on December 21, 2012.

It is important that there be no judgment regarding who and what is appropriate for each human. This is not a “judgment day.” God is not passing sentence upon humanity. This event is well understood by the soul and causal body and great care goes into planning incarnations around the time of this event.

The science and mechanics of the Precessional Cycle will be given later in this section.

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages from the Founders."

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