mega888 The Passage of the Annanhutak Comet in 2017

The Passage of the Annanhutak Comet in 2017

The comet Annanhutak is scheduled to make a pass through the solar system in the year 2017. While this is a predestined event, there are several variables that depend on human free will (and the assistance or interference of positively or negatively-oriented ET races). You will recall that during the time of Lemuria, negativelypolarized ETs were able to slightly alter the path of this comet, causing a significant increase in its destructive effects on Earth.

The factors that vary are as follows:

(1) The actual path of the comet;

While the path of celestial objects can often be predicted with greataccuracy by your scientists, there are variables that most of them arenot aware of, including the effect of concentrated visualization andintention by millions of souls. If enough souls concentrate on changingthe orbit of a comet, and they focus attentively and meditatively on theevent for a long and intense period of time, the net effect of thosemillions of minds can cause slight variations in the path of the comet.If thoughts are projected with positive intentions, it can often beenough to lessen the negative effects of the trajectory.

As mentioned in Chapter 3, the Dracos were able to alter thetrajectory of the comet just enough to significantly increase thedisastrous effects on Lemuria, so certainly the power of intention canbe used for noble purposes as well as harmful ones. If the Lemurianshad been more in balance and had not chosen to experience anunpleasant soul lesson in order to grow and evolve, the negative effectsof the comet could have been prevented. A group of balanced soulsfocusing on love and compassion is infinitely more powerful than anynegatively focused intentions.

(2) The severity of the influence;

There are a complex series of factors that will determine how severethe EM fluctuations are when the comet passes close by the Earth(within a few million miles). The actual factors are too complex for adetailed analysis at this time, and include fluctuations in the sun’s EMfield as well as anomalies in the quasars and other stars near the centralsun of the galaxy, and numerous other variables. Although we areaware of many influences and can accurately predict a lot of them,there are still too many variables to make an assessment here that willbe absolutely 100% accurate. We do, however, anticipate a moderate tosevere fluctuation in Earth’s EM field in 2017 based on our currentdata.

(3) Humans’ emotional and mental experience of this event;

Human experience of this event will be similar to that of theprecessional alignment in that emotions will become greatly magnifiedand distorted. Once again, those humans that are balanced and centered will fare best.

(4) The level of cellular mutation of humans during this event;

The overall cellular mutation rate will likely be at or slightly less than the mutation rate from the precessional alignment. Nevertheless, many humans will use this event as a “second wave” of ascension, to accelerate the master template and move more quickly into the etheric crystal light body. Others will use this opportunity to cycle out of their bodies.

(5) The degree of instability of Earth’s climate and environment;

The effects of the comet fly-by will be different than the effects of the precessional alignment, in that the EM pulses and waves around the comet are much closer to Earth, but weaker than the quasars near the center of the galaxy. Human consciousness will again play a role in how severe the changes are in the climate and environment. Because 3D humanity will already be weakened from their experience of the precessional alignment (while 4D humanity will be strengthened), the fluctuations from the comet will further accelerate the changes already underway in humanity. Add to this the likelihood that the economic and political systems of Earth will be a lot less stable, and you have a formula for dramatic change. In the event that the economic systems of the countries of Earth are still functioning in 2017, they will be severely tested by floods, severe storms and droughts attributed to the passage of the comet.

(6) Disruptions of technology and telecommunications;

The EM waves generated by the passage of the comet will likely immobilize satellites and computer technology to a large extent for several days. All of these factors can be influenced by free will. If humans decide to cooperate and embrace the loving and compassionate aspects of their Being and work together to create a force field of loving light around planet Earth, then the negative effects of the comet will be lessened substantially. If a large number of human beings decide to change the orbit of Annanhutak simply by using visualization and psychokinetic techniques, the orbit can be altered. If humans decide to experience the comet’s passage in a loving instead of fearful way, any radiation or cooling of the atmosphere associated with the passage of the comet will be only minimally felt.

The passage of the comet can be used as an opportunity to speed upthe cellular mutation of the DNA in humans. Those humans on the pathof ascension can use this event as a “second wave” experience,meaning that in approximately the year 2017, a large number ofhumans can accelerate the ascension process significantly.

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages from the Founders."

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