mega888 What Is Ascension?

What Is Ascension?

We will explore the topic of ascension, because ascension is the work that is paramount at this time for most of you that are reading this.

Most of you who are attracted to our teachings and the teachings of the Arcturians, Leah and this channel are, in fact, already deciding that you will move onto the path of ascension. You are beginning to build the fifth density light body. So it is simply a matter of how to do this in the most comfortable and efficient way.

You need to realize that you can live an optimal life on Earth. This means continually recognizing that all of life is unfolding according to Divine Plan. For most of you, ascension is part of your optimal path.

Ascension defined

Ascension, defined, is the transition from a third to a fourth density physical form and then from a fourth density physical form to a fifth density etheric light body. If you were an outside observer and witnessed a soul ascending from third density up to fifth, you would observe something similar to the following.

The first thing you would notice in ascending third density humans is that they would start to become aware that they are the creators of their individual life experience. They are the experiences, or watchers of the drama of their lives, and their state of consciousness is reflected in their experience of life. They become metaphysicians to some degree. They become conscious creators. They learn to realize they are shaping their own reality. They consciously create the events and situations in their lives. They go through their lives realizing they are at the control panel or control center of their Earthly experience. They know they have a free will and are learning how to use their free will. They are learning about karma—what it is, how it works and how to balance it—and they are understanding their various soul contracts, the purpose of their incarnations and purpose in life.

At that stage, they have become fourth density humans. They will continue to purify and cleanse their physical vehicles and learn to align their six lower bodies as delineated in the teachings of this channel and his spirit guide Leah, and they will learn to heal their past lifetimes and their entire timelines. Eventually as they move forward on the path, their physical bodies will become transmuted and transformed into what is known as the silicon or crystal body of light.

If you observe a soul moving from fourth into fifth density, at first you will notice that this soul becomes psychologically invisible to those who are living in lower third density vibrations, which means that you could conceivably walk in a dangerous part of your cities late at night even if you are in a female body and those who would normally wish to do harm to you will see you optically (you will register in their optic nerve), but they will have no psychological reference point for you.

So at the very least, someone who might be a rapist or murderer might see you walk by and realize that a human being has just walked by and then follow it up no further than that. It is called psychological invisibility. You are unlike each other and so the law of attraction keeps you apart.

Many of you have wanted to become psychologically invisible to your government and authority figures, and to some degree you have succeeded, living in almost a parallel reality or parallel world. You are living a very different life from most of the people around you. Perhaps you are no longer psychologically tuned into what is called the “mass hypnotism” of your world.

Spiritual Ascension

If the lifetime just completed involves a lot of spiritual awareness, the soul essence leaving the body goes directly to the parent part of the soul in the celestial realms (dimensions seven through nine). This process is often called “spiritual ascension.” Most of you have been through spiritual ascension one or more times in the past.

A soul that ascends spiritually has satisfactorily completed its karma and is no longer bound to the wheel of reincarnation, but has chosen to discard the body rather than transform it into the silicon-based light form. The reasons for this decision will vary—often this choice is made if the soul is very old in the current body, or has a very sickly body and feels it would be too much work to resurrect it sufficiently for ascension. If the soul has a strong belief that the body must grow old and die, or that it must leave the body in order to ascend, that belief can lead the soul to choose spiritual ascension rather than physical ascension.

The Mass Ascension Dispensation Revisited

There are several Divine Dispensations (described in Chapter 2) that have been granted, including one that allows souls to move directly onto the ascension spiral without having to complete all of their karma, unfinished business or incomplete energy transactions. It is possible now in this new dispensation for you to call back your soul fragments through the use of various processes, including the ones given by this channel and others, and thereby eliminate all karmic ties, karmic lessons, karmic imprints and negative implants from your third density bodies. The current dispensation does not require you to clear 100% of your karmic issues or retrieve 100% of your fragments – just the majority of them.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 of "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages from the Founders."

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