Energetic Symptoms of Ascension

Resisting the process of ascension is the flip-side of trying to hurry the process. Below are some of the symptoms you might experience if you have resistance to the increasing frequencies coming into the Earth.

It is important to realize, dear Creators, that your physical bodies have accumulated a great many toxins and negative thought patterns in the form of crystallized misqualified energy, not just in this lifetime, but over numerous lifetimes. These patterns are carried from lifetime to lifetime via the causal body, or aspect of the soul that remembers multiple lifetimes. Not only are you clearing thousands of years of negativity from your lower bodies, but you are also living in a negatively-oriented world that is constantly bombarding you with thought forms based on belief systems that seem to oppose your spiritual progress.

In addition, your environment is quite toxic. Your processed foods introduce chemicals that your body does not know how to digest. Your soil is largely depleted of nutrients. Your water has heavy metals and toxic hydrocarbons in it. Your lifestyles are stressful because most of you do not take time out to relax, refresh and regenerate.

As the frequencies of ascension increase on the planet, these higher energies clash with the negativity in and around you, forcing it to the surface to be released. Ascension symptoms involve the body’s resistance to the higher frequencies coming into the planet. This resistance occurs not only because of the aforementioned process of accumulated negativity, but also because the human body is comprised of trillions of individual cells, and the programs in those cells do not change easily and quickly for the most part. Physical bodies like gradual and gentle change, and this is not a time of gradual and gentle change. So it is quite challenging for the human body to cope with the rising Earth frequencies.

A great deal of patience, love and compassion is called for, as well as acceptance for your human nature. As you tune into your bodies more completely, you will learn to recognize when a symptom is due to your body’s natural resistance to the increased energy, and when it is due to something harmful in the environment that needs to be dealt with. Included in the definition of harmful here are: viruses, bacteria, molds, fungi, industrial chemicals, radiation and electromagnetic fluctuations. Some electromagnetic fluctuations are helping your cells mutate toward ascension and some tend to interfere.

With the help of recent Divine Dispensations, negative fluctuations are being held to a minimum. Most are due to the extreme amount of negativity being generated on your planet by the 75% of humanity engaged in such activity. This negative vortex of energy enters the grid lines of the Earth’s electromagnetic field and is distributed along the ley lines.

The Arcturians and others are actively engaged in balancing this negativity and that is why their spacecraft are detected primarily in sacred spots around the world.

The more sensitive souls on Earth can sense earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme weather before such conditions are actively manifest. Others will register these events in the physical body as they are occurring in different parts of the world. Another way you might feel the negativity is when you pick up on the collective fear and anxiety of humanity when large numbers of souls are located in the path of these events.

As your bodies attempt to balance the negativity on Earth with the incoming frequencies of ascension, you will tend to vacillate between illness and health. Chronic conditions will flare up during intense periods of negativity and then subside during relatively calmer periods. In addition, your natural soul cycles will trigger either healing crises, or so-called miraculous healings, from time to time.

Each of you has a natural soul cycle that vacillates between an urge to be more outward, and a desire to go more within. Even in extroverted people, there are quiet cycles, although highly active souls may not recognize and respect their souls’ desire to retreat from the world periodically. Knowing your own soul cycle is valuable when deciding on the timing of a course of action. In general, major decisions should be made during active soul cycles, rather than quiet ones.

Returning to our topic of ascension symptoms, it is important to strike a balance between a true sense of urgency that tells you to deal with your emotional and psychological issues, and the tendency to try and hurry your ascension process because you want to clear negativity immediately. To put it another way, the biological changes your body is undergoing are hampered and hindered by impatience just as much as procrastination. If you are experiencing uncomfortable ascension symptoms, you must have both patience and acceptance for what is, and a willingness to move through whatever is blocking you. Remaining clear, calm, centered and alert, while seeking out the appropriate healing, therapy, or rebalancing activity, is essential.

If you approach your healing crises with anger and frustration, telling yourself, “Oh no! Not that headache again!” then you are placing a block between you and the open acceptance of the higher frequencies that want to come in to your body.

On the other hand, the more you ignore your healing crises, or pretend they don’t exist, or try to rationalize them, or resist the fact that they are an inevitable part of your process of evolution, the more intense the symptoms are likely to be until you deal with them. While it may be “normal” and “natural” to have ascension symptoms, it does not mean that they should be ignored or explained away. Remember that almost everything you feel in your body involves some form of resistance – that is the nature of physical bodies. A certain amount of resistance is necessary. Otherwise, you would have too much energy flowing through your bodies and they would literally burn out. The key to healing is in how you handle the resistance.

We recommend breathing, yoga, meditation, regular exercise, therapy, and holistic healing modalities to help reduce the amount of resistance to a level that is manageable. Psychologically, resistance is about facing your denials; the things you are unwilling to look at directly. Ask yourselves, “What areas of my life am I avoiding? What would I rather not look at? What part of my life experience am I still judging?”

We suggest you review the techniques given earlier in this chapter and find the ones that best help you cope with ascension symptoms and the resistance and denial that is usually a part of them.

Specific ascension symptoms, such as erratic sleep patterns and extremes of fatigue and restlessness, were covered in previous writings. There is a lot of material on specific symptoms available on the Internet, so we will move on to our next topic.

Excerpt from Chapter 3 The Changes Within from the book "Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2012 - 2030"

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