mega888 The Shift Is Happening

The Shift Is Happening

Greetings, Lightworkers!

Here we are! The shift is happening. It is meeting or exceeding some expectations, and failing to meet others, depending on the level and type of expectations you and I may have. If you are expecting a time of high energy and new beginnings, you are not being disappointed. If you are expecting everything to be easy, with nothing to release, then you are already having a rude awakening. The shift is a catalyst and magnifier of what is in consciousness. It is a golden opportunity to create a new world, by focusing intensely on what you want to manifest, and making plans to move forward with its creation.

We have more help than ever before in the history of this planet. Legions of angels, archangels, ascended masters and beings of Light are assisting us in making this transition from a world of darkness and despair into one of joyful, enthusiastic love and compassion. Because we have free will, it is up to us to be the instruments of peace that the saints talk about. God works through us, as us. We are the outer creative expressions of the Divine. Together, we are creating a new world to replace oppression, control, fear, misery, lack, poverty, judgment, hatred, prejudice, apathy and ignorance. We are shining our Infinite Love and Limitless Compassion deep into the darkest corners of the world, bringing Light to places that have all but forgotten what it is. This is our holy purpose and now is our sacred time.


I will be attending a festival and celebration in the Yucutan of Mexico during the solstice, with over 1000 lightworkers from around the world. It seems only fitting to bring in the new age officially while being at the heart of the civilization that brought this shift to our attention with their famous calendar. This calendar was inspired from the star beings who knew about the precessional alignment long before Earth was colonized. Our group will be sending prayers and healing to the Earth during this time to magnify the assistance that is already here. We are the ones we have been waiting for!


I am beginning my fourth book. This one tackles the subject of soul integration. It is important to explore this subject in depth, as none of the written material on the planet has adequately addressed many of the aspects of this important topic. Those awaiting my book on free energy will need to wait a bit further. The process of getting free energy out to the world involves many shifts and changes among inventors and companies, and as fast as I obtain the information, it seems to change. There are already free energy machines on the market, but they are greatly watered down because humanity is not yet ready to receive unlimited abundance due to the prevailing belief in lack and scarcity. These are among the belief systems that will be dissolving away during the shift. As we wake up and realize we live in an infinitely abundant universe, our world will begin to reflect this.

I will keep all of you up to date on the progress of my new book.


There appear to be many casualties in the technological world that may be related to the shift. Two companies that seem to be struggling, from my perception, in keeping up with the energies are Yahoo and Microsoft. Recently, both of these companies interrupted me with commercials and system reboots in the middle of private sessions. Therefore, I am implementing the following changes. Beginning in 2013, I am switching my business email from Yahoo to Google Gmail. My gmail address is " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ". I have had this address for years as a backup, but now I am making it my regular email. Also, I have just bought my last Microsoft-based PC and will be spending extra dollars to buy Apple products in the future. In case you do not already know, Microsoft makes endless updates to their products and essentially forces customers to accept these updates. While some are beneficial, fixing bugs and eliminating viruses, others are designed to make your computer obsolete so that you need to keep buying a new one every three years (unless you are a tech wizard and know the workarounds, which I do not). I apologize to all clients and customers that have endured bad Skype connections and errors in email on my three-year-old laptop. 


The Love Offering option on my Earth Changes website is not working properly. Please contact me for a workaround if you are using credit cards instead of PayPal.

"I shall make a new heaven and a new Earth. The old one shall pass away in the twinkling of an eye." -- from Revelation

Have a glorious Christmas and New Year.


From Sal's December Newsletter

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