mega888 The Luciferian Rebellion (Orion Invasion)

The Luciferian Rebellion (Orion Invasion)

The Luciferian Rebellion is discussed at length in some of your religious writings, including a highly distorted book called “Urantia” that was brought to Earth by the Councils of Andromeda. The information contained in that book was offered by various entities in the Andromedan councils who attempted to access the Akashic records during the period of 10 million BC to the time of Jesus Christ. Some of the information is accurate and useful, but the Andromedan entities were unable to pierce many of the veils surrounding the Earth during the period detailed in their discourses. Therefore, many of the entities relied on “second-hand” information given them by various members of the Councils of Betelgeuse, Sirius A and Sirius B, who were participants in the Earth experiment during the time periods covered therein.

Most of the archangels and ascended masters in the celestial planes had accurate information pertaining to that time period, but were not allowed to disseminate the information due to the policy of noninterference. The energy transmissions of our group, the Founders, and several other high-density groups, are sufficiently able to pierce the veils, regardless of who or what put them in place. Due to the current Dispensation, we are now authorized to reveal this information.

The Pre-Lemurian Period on Earth

The post-Pan, pre-Lemurian period corresponds roughly to between 10 million BC and a 500,000 BC. During that time your world slowly recovered from the great flood and life forms began to proliferate once again. After the destruction of Maldek and the atmosphere of Mars, many of those souls came to Earth and reincarnated, dramatically increasing the population. Earth was once again mainly a tropical jungle, with about 90% water cover, and only the polar regions were cool by comparison.

As the souls from Maldek and Mars continued coming to Earth, the composite vibratory rate of your world dropped to match their frequency. When the composite awareness level of Earth dropped below upper fourth density (450 on the calibration scale), souls from neighboring systems were able to access the stargates and portals surrounding Earth (which were not regulated at that time, except by the law of attraction). Like attracts like. The composite vibratory state of humanity will tend to attract beings from elsewhere that have a similar vibration. Although the Orions and Dracos already had a foothold on Earth, they came by leaps and bounds once the dominant vibration of human consciousness dropped into lower fourth density.

Up until about 500,000 years ago in your timeline, Earth continued to attract more and more souls from across the universe. The vibratory level of these souls was generally fourth density, and that meant they were subject to the astral and etheric distortions inherent within that level of vibration.

The genetics of Earth were now a blend of many races, but the Orions gradually began to dominate. War between Rigel and Betelgeuse had made life rather intolerable for many Orions, and Earth was seen as a place to begin life anew. Unlike the Dracos, the Orions were able to easily land directly on the Earth, in addition to coming through the incarnational process, and so their numbers increased significantly faster than the Dracos, whose reptilian bodies had a hard time adjusting to Earth’s atmosphere and gravity.

We, the Founders, observed with dismay what was going on, but because we were not allowed to interfere, we were like lab technicians watching a specimen multiply out of control and doing nothing to contain it.

A group of archangels and ascended beings from seventh, eighth and ninth densities were also watching the Earth. Several of these beings are well known to Earth’s people, including Archangel Michael. An ascended being that was later given the name “Lucifer” was among those watching the progress of Earth. Lucifer devised a plan to lessen the chaos on Earth by teaching souls how to control their emotions and use their intellectual capabilities so they would not be as easily swayed by the negatively-polarized factions. Lucifer mistakenly attributed the decaying situation on Earth to unbridled emotions and passion.

A group of souls headed by Lucifer came to Earth and established a series of mystery schools designed to train souls in suppressing and controlling the emotional body. The plan backfired, because as the students learned to suppress their emotions, their souls became more and more fragmented until their vibration dropped below fourth density into third density. Suppressing any part of the Self results in a loss of power and awareness. The shaming of emotion in men, the Victorian suppression of sexual desire and the making wrong of feelings all had their origins in Lucifer’s philosophy.

Archangel Michael, seeing what was happening on Earth, found that he could no longer sit by and simply watch, so he headed a group of ascended beings who voluntarily dropped their vibration and came to Earth, establishing a mystery school designed to raise the vibrations of souls back into the light. Once Michael and his group arrived on Earth, the vibrations were so dense that he and his band of celestial helpers became caught in the game of duality and started seeing the negativelyoriented factions as evil forces to be overcome. Thus, these archangels reinforced the concept of “light vs. dark” on your world. Michael took the side of the light, while many members of the Councils of Rigel, as well as most of the Dracos, took the polarity of the dark.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and his group maintained their cool, calm aloofness, becoming armchair strategists, watching with interest the battles taking shape. Lucifer became so fascinated with this drama of duality that he began building up both sides, through training the light and dark forces to fight each other in the interests of seeing who would become supreme victors.

The missing ingredient in all of this was compassion. Lucifer taught the soldiers on the battlefield to suppress their emotions and become hardened to misery and suffering. Archangel Michael taught the soldiers to be strong and forceful in overcoming the dark ones. When Lucifer saw what Michael was doing, he turned his attention from the Orions and Dracos and waged war on Michael’s forces, most of whom were assisting from the etheric realms. A great battle ensued in the astral and etheric planes above Earth. This became known as the War in the Heavens. Michael’s forces were passionate about becoming victors over darkness. Lucifer’s forces were cool, calm and intellectual, and waged their wars through cunning strategy. The third force in all this, the negatively-polarized Orions and Dracos, proliferated as their primary foes were now at war with each other.

The War in the Heavens lasted about a thousand years, taking place in roughly 500,000 BC. During the period from 1,000,000 BC until 500,000 BC, the population of Earth had grown from about 200 million to almost a billion people. Because the wars were largely off-planet and did not significantly impact the surface of the Earth or the subterranean cultures, the population did not drop that much during the Luciferian Rebellion. Most of the surface fighting was regional and involved conventional weapons.

After about 1,000 years of fighting, a truce was declared and Lucifer and his group agreed not to promote overt aggression against anyone in the Earth system. Michael realized the futility of fighting the darkness, and also of trying to overcome the suppression of emotional energy by force, and withdrew back into the celestial realms to integrate the lessons learned.

Between 500,000 BC and 200,000 BC, life evolved gradually on 3D Earth. A few souls recaptured their fourth density awareness and began learning how to live cooperatively. During this same period, many more souls came from all over the galaxy, and Earth truly became a melting pot. However, the biggest groups were still the Orions from Betelgeuse and Rigel. During the Luciferian Rebellion, the Councils of Betelgeuse sided with Michael and the “light forces,” while the Councils of Rigel sided with the “dark forces.” Although there was very little overt hostility during the transition time following the rebellion, both Orion groups generally confined breeding to their respective polarities, thereby retaining much of their DNA structure. The Betelgeuse factions remained more peaceful while the Rigel factions continued to be domineering and aggressive. The pinnacle of population during these times reached almost one and a half billion, just before a Precessional Cycle around 200,000 BC severely impacted humanity.

It should be noted that the floods, ice ages and tectonic shifting that took place around 200,000 BC buried most of humanity under thousands of feet of rock and debris. Modern day anthropologists have unearthed remains of some of the people who lived during that time period. This has caused quite a stir among traditional historians who believe human life evolved from apes and that homo sapiens did not appear until about 30,000 years ago.

Excerpt from Chapter 3 "A Brief History of the Earth from the book "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages from the Founders."

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