mega888 The Process of Enlightenment

The Process of Enlightenment

Greetings, dear ones, we are the Higher Self of Sal, in conjunctionwith the Founders.

The word, “enlightenment,” can mean a lot of different things, and itoften refers to numerous states of consciousness. Of course, the literalmeaning of the word is to be filled with Light, which is certainly one of itsdefinitions. Below, we have given several descriptions that correspond toits various meanings, as they apply to soul evolution and beyond.

Before we talk about the levels and types of enlightenment, let usexamine the cycles that most souls go through on their way toenlightenment.

Cycles of Soul Evolution

There is a natural cycle that occurs as souls go through their longjourney of evolution in the lower worlds. A Zen saying offers one way todescribe these cycles: “First, you don't know that you don't know, which isignorance, then you know that you don't know, which is humility, thenyou don't know that you know, which is being asleep, then you know thatyou know, which is enlightenment.”

From a psychological point of view, there are also four cycles to soulevolution. First the soul is asleep, dreaming that it is a separate self, allalone in a hostile universe, and becomes identified with material thingsand pursuits. Then there is a satori experience, a sudden shift away frommateriality, perhaps as a consequence of a near-death event, accident orillness, or through meeting a teacher or going to a spiritual workshop.Perhaps this temporary enlightenment occurs during the soul's earlyattempts at meditation, and then returns again after many years of dailypractice. Following the satori experience, the soul's entire life and focuschanges and he or she is now on a conscious spiritual path. There may beseveral more satori episodes, but at some point, the enlightenment seemsto fade and is replaced with what is called a consolidation phase. This iswhere all the old patterns of emotion, thought and behavior tend to return,and the young seeker may get discouraged and think he or she has gonebackward. However, the door never closes once it has been opened, andvery soon, the young soul makes a commitment to grow and evolve. He orshe might undergo therapy, a disciplined spiritual practice, or follow theinstructions of a teacher, in an effort to heal all the negativity that is risingto the surface.

Once the soul has undergone this period of purification and cleansingof the old self, the Higher Self starts to become more apparent. The soulnow strives to experience integration of the various levels and dimensions of the self. As all the parts and aspects become integrated, true enlightenment occurs. There are often mini-cycles within the larger cycle of satori, consolidation, integration and enlightenment. In this channel's work, he sees a chart or graph of soul evolution for each client he works with. The ideal soul path usually consists of a pattern resembling a stairway to heaven, with graceful curves between each step, rather than hard, fast turns. The upward part of each step represents periods of rapid soul growth, where significant changes are occurring. The flat part of each step represents an inward time of patiently working on the self, where there does not seem to be a lot of obvious change.

Souls in the rapid phase of soul growth are ready to make major outer changes in their lives, while souls in the inner phase of soul growth should refrain from making major decisions in the outer world until they enter another period of rapid soul growth.

As the soul gradually enters into the phase of integration, these cycles of rapid soul growth, followed by a quiet, inner period, are welcomed as necessary steps on the path. There is no longer resistance to the inevitable pauses between temporary enlightenment experiences. When all phases of the cycle are accepted unconditionally as part of the unfolding of the evolving self, this means all parts of the soul are opened to God's Loving Light. This unconditional love and acceptance of the various aspects of soul growth are a precursor to enlightenment.

The length of time necessary to reach integration and enlightenment will vary, depending on many factors, including the soul's free will, past lifetime experiences, and strength of desire to overcome obstacles. No two souls reach enlightenment at the same rate, or in the same way. There are always variations in length and quality of experience.

That said, in this current world cycle, it typically takes about 20 to 30 years for a soul who is committed to growing spiritually to reach a high level of integration. A few souls evolve more quickly and may reach enlightenment in only 10 years, while others may seem to struggle for 40 to 50 years before having a solid and permanent breakthrough.

It is important not to judge yourself if your journey seems to be taking longer than the average. The more you can accept yourself exactly where you are, the faster you will overcome resistance and move forward on the path.

What do souls experience when they are fully integrated? In the section below, we have described several levels of enlightenment commonly experienced by souls as they move along the spiritual path. Some of these you may have already undergone in a profound, energetic way, while others you may understand intellectually, but not yet energetically.

Excerpt from the book "Soul Integration" by Sal Rachele

Sal Rachele will visit Bulgaria once again from October 2nd through 26th and will offer lectures, workshops and private sessions in five Bulgarian cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Varna.

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