mega888 The Physical Form Is Not a True State Of Being

The Physical Form Is Not a True State Of Being

D: It says in the Bible that we must learn to be perfect.

S: It is not expected of humans to become perfect, although some have. This is, of course, the exception rather than the rule. To strive to be perfect is the lesson.

D: I was thinking that the only way to become perfect is to learn all these lessons, which is very difficult on the Earth plane.

S: One learns what is perfect by experiencing that which is not. So it is as important to learn what is not perfect as it is to learn what is. There cannot be the understanding of that which is given until there is experienced that which is taken.

D: Does that mean that everyone has to experience so-called "bad" lives in their progression so they can understand these things?

S: We would not say that one has to. However, many choose this as a method of accelerating their learning process. None wish to remain any longer than they must in physical form, for that is not a true state of being. So, those lessons which most rapidly accelerate one's learning to the point where one need not incarnate further are the lessons which are most cherished or sought.

D: I thought I understood you to say that we had to have the bad in order to understand the good.

S: There is no rule which says that the bad must be experienced. There is however the reality of the insight which comes from experiencing the one in order to fully understand the other. This is not a rule; this is a fact.

D: Yes, I've heard it said that you cannot appreciate happiness unless you've known sadness. You know the opposites of everything.

S: That is accurate. And so it would be appropriate to look with compassion on those who seem to be in their most negative state, as they are learning those lessons which will allow them to become most positive.

D: Do you think they chose these negative experiences for their growth?

S: Many do. Many find themselves in these situations and so it could be said that they are given a gift in order to experience those lessons more fully.

D: It would seem that no one would want to have negative experiences if they had a choice.

S: That is accurate. One should look beyond the experience itself at the lessons gained in order to understand why one would choose such an experience. There would not be a wholesome personality involved were one to derive pleasure from this or that "bad" experience. The disharmony is a lesson in and of itself in order to more fully appreciate and to comprehend that which is of the harmonious nature. The lessons are learned, however, in this manner.

Excerpt from the book "Between Death and Life“ by Dolores Cannon

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