mega888 The Purging on Earth

The Purging on Earth

Virtually all of your major religions portray a time of tribulation, apocalypse, Armageddon, or judgment day. Many erroneously postulate that God is going to separate the righteous from the sinner, or wheat from the chaff, or meek and mild from the aggressors. It is understandable that in your limited perception, you would believe that some outside force is capable of passing judgment upon your species.

The natural laws of the Universe, which include the higher spiritual laws as well as the laws of Newtonian physics, Einsteinian time/space, quantum theory, superstring theory, metaphysics, genetics, etc., are all part of the workings of the multidimensional Omniverse, or Multiverse, or Universe of Universes.

While it is overly simplistic to say that disobedience of God’s laws is the cause of suffering, it is certainly true that ignorance of natural laws is a major contributor to the misery of the majority of humanity.

When your human body gets sick, its defenses generate antibodies and all sorts of biochemical reactions, such as fever, to repel the invading organisms.

When your Mother Earth gets overrun with ignorant souls who seek to plunder her resources and dominate her life forms, she mounts defenses as well. Life seeks balance. When things get too far out of balance, correction must be made. This is not the wrath of God, but is the consequence of ignoring or fighting against natural laws.

A soul that has not yet learned how to levitate and fly is subject to the law of gravity. If he falls off a building and hurts his body, does he blame God? Does he believe God is angry with him and is punishing him? Or does he simply need to learn about the law of gravity and have respect for it until such time as he learns other laws that supersede it.

Such is the case with humanity. The following is a list of the catalysts and causes for the purging which is now in the process of occurring on planet Earth:

  • Mother Earth seeks to balance herself
  • The Lightworkers desire to live in peace and harmony
  • Souls are completing their lessons of karma/reincarnation
  • Divine Dispensations have been granted
  • The Earth is moving into the three portals
  • The Galactic Shift is underway
  • Benevolent ETs are interacting with Earth
  • Natural periodic mutations are being triggered
  • Souls desire to be free of misery and suffering
  • Humanity has discovered how to destroy itself/the planet

Excerpt from the book "The Real History of Earth" by Sal Rachele

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