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About the Author

Сал Ракели

Sal Rachele is a teacher, healer, mystic and priest, with over 35 years' experience in the human potential movement.

He is the author of the following books:

and has produced numerous e-books, articles and channeled messages from enlightened ETs, angels and ascended masters.

In the mid-1970s, he began developing his psychic and intuitive abilities through the Silva Method. Sal later created his own unique meditation method called "Alpha-Theta Programming" designed to reprogram the subconscious mind and unlock the creative potential within.

In the 1980s, he became involved with numerous meditaion, therapy and yoga practices including conscious breathing and body/mind purification. Since 1980, Sal has done extensive work with the Tarot and began combining guided meditations with psychic and spiritual counseling.

Sal was raised a classical pianist, and in 1984 began recording original New Age classical cassettes and CDs, including "Angel Dance".

In 1994, Sal published his first book, "Life on the Cutting Edge," a self-help manual with extensive illustrations, diagrams and charts.

In early 2000, Sal began consciously channeling Leah, a 6th density being, and the Arcturians, a collective consciousness from 7th density Arcturus. He also works with Lord Sananda, the goddess Isis and the Creator Gods known as the Founders.

In 2007, Sal became the co-author, with the Founders, of "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages from the Founders," a scientific and spiritual guide to the times ahead.

Most recently, Sal has been guided to help souls heal their past, parallel and future selves through "timeline healing," a cosmic reframing process involving the merging of one's past and present lifetimes with the God Presence. This unique form of therapy enables souls to heal trauma from early childhood and past lifetimes.

Co-founder of the Sananda Mystery School, Sal is also a Reiki Master and has produced a series of meditation CDs for helping you develop your psychic abilities.

Sal lives in the US but travels extensively around the world, conducting numerous workshops and seminars on the topics of healing and ascension.

In August, Sal Rachele will visit Bulgaria as part of his tour in Eastern Europe. You can find more information about Sal's visit in Bulgaria here.

For more on Sal Rachele and his activities, please visit his website at

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