mega888 Earth Changes and Beyond

Earth Changes and Beyond

Earth Changes and Beyond

Title: Earth Changes and Beyond: Messages from the Founders

Author: Sal Rachele

Publisher: Ascension Ltd., ©2012, ©2014

Pages: 400

Cover: Soft

Price at the publisher: BGN 16

Price including delivery: BGN 18

Price at vendors: BGN 18

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Book Description:

This is the most significant time in all of human history. For the first time, millions of us will have an opportunity to evolve beyond the limitations of material form into a new world of untold beauty and magnificance. The doorway into the next step of human evolution is right in front of us.

What exactly is happening on Planet Earth? What is the truth behind the various prophecies and predictions? For the first time, we now have a concise explanation carefully prepared and received by telepathic contactee Sal Rachele from a vast collective intelligence called the Founders. This book answers the who, what, where, when and even why of the Earth Changes, and includes information relating to biology, psychology, technology, metaphysics, religion, spiritually, and even economics and politics.

The Founders are your guides into this amazing journey of soul evolution, ascension and freedom from limitation. They teach us that we are vast beings of infinite capacity and love, created in the image and likeness of our Creator. Welcome to the new world!

Subjects We Will Cover in This Book

We will begin our journey by having the Founders take us into anexploration of the nature of the Universe, followed by a look at the realhistory of life on Earth and what is commonly called the extraterrestrialpresence in and around Earth, then the focus will shift to the evolutionof the soul and what is often called “ascension.”

The Founders will explain what a Merkabah vehicle is and how itfunctions. They will illuminate the subjects of souls, soul families, soulgroups, soul mates, twin souls and similar topics. There will be anattempt to clarify how souls divide and how fragmentation occurs.They will examine which types of fragmentation are beneficial andwhich are not, and then discuss how to achieve soul integration. Thematerial will also help us understand the concept of timelines.

We are also going to be guided into uncovering the true nature of theDNA, including DNA light keys and codes, which are precursors to theformation of the DNA molecule. We will be looking at aspects of theDNA that are not widely understood by human scientists. The purposeof the so-called “junk DNA” will be explained. In actuality, there is nojunk in God’s Creation because all of nature is part of an intelligentdesign. All creations are aspects of the Godhead. Therefore, all thatGod created has a purpose.

There is no part of the physical body that does not have a purpose.When we remove organs from the body, we reduce its usefulness tosome degree. All bodily parts serve a function. Some of them have veryminor functions, such as the appendix, but nevertheless, each part ofthe body has its place in the grand design.Similarly, each part of the DNA has a function and one of theaspects of the so-called “junk” DNA is to record the extraterrestriallifetimes of the soul. That brings us back to the subject of ETs. Thereare two chapters devoted to this topic. In Chapter 3, the Founders giveus an overview of the ET presence on Earth, while in Part 2 they detailthe roles our ET helpers are filling as we go through the Earth changes.In Part 2, the Founders are going to explore the nature of thechanges, including the precessional alignment of 2012 and the GalacticShift – what they are, how they work and why they are significant.

There will be a brief look at the science of the precession of the axis.Following the scientific explanation of the changes taking place onEarth and in the solar system, the Founders will take an in-depth look atvarious aspects of the changes as viewed from many fields of studyrelevant to this subject. These include, in part, the biological,philosophical, psychological, sociological, economical and politicalarenas.Finally, there will be a brief glimpse into what life on Earth willprobably look like following the changes.

It is my pleasure to be your host as the Founders take you on thisimmense journey. I invite you to hang on and enjoy the ride!

– Sal Rachele

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