mega888 Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2017 - 2030

Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2017 - 2030

Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2017 - 2030

Full title: "Earth Awakens: Prophecy 2017 - 2030" (Second Edition)

Author: Sal Rachele

Publisher: Living Awareness Productions, 2012, 2017

Cover: Soft


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Book Description:

Sal Rachele and his spirit guides, the Founders, take you on a wondrous journey into the future of our beloved planet. This is the future you have always dreamed of, and now it is coming to fruition, finally, after millions of years of ignorance, darkness, and suffering. This book will show you tangible, practical ways of manifesting the new Golden Age that has been promised you since time began. This New Earth is destined to be a part of your lifetime, this lifetime, here and now.

Address by the Founders

You, dear humans, are embarking upon the most exciting adventure possible. You are alive at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place in the Infinite Creation. It is okay if you do not believe this, for within a few short years, almost everything given within these pages will become part of the tangible reality of your lives.

That said, the prophecy given herein is not to be taken as gospel truth, or even as undisputed fact. You live on a free will planet and it is not possible for you, us, or anyone to be accurate 100% of the time with predictions. After all, we could prophesy that you will take a right turn at the next fork in the road and you could, given your free will, decide to turn left instead. We may be quite good in predicting your likely choice, but it is your choice, not ours.

Your Earth is awakening. In this book, we will explain precisely what this means for you and humanity. It is a wonderful thing, from your point of view. From our point of view, it is an inevitable part of your soul’s journey. Your ability to open and receive the wisdom contained in this book, and more importantly, the wisdom contained within your own hearts, minds and spirit, will determine the quality of your experience in the years ahead. The fundamental principle of life on Earth can be summed up as follows:

The quality of your consciousness determines your experience of reality.

It is not entirely accurate to say that your thoughts create your reality, since your reality can overlap and encompass many other realities that have little to do with your own creative process. If you broaden the definition of thought to include everything within the Mind of God, including the thoughts of all other souls in Creation, than we would say the idea that thoughts create reality would be a bit more accurate. But you are not there yet. You are currently vibrating at what this channel calls “fourth density.” At some point in the future of linear time, you will evolve your consciousness to the 12th density, and then you, like us, will be able to create entire universes.

Today, that is not your concern. Even if we could, we are not going to offer you a shortcut to the 12th density. We are not going to erase millions of years of soul experience by bestowing upon you the full manifestation of your potential as Creator Gods before you are even slightly qualified. Yet, paradoxically, we will also remind you that you are already Creator Gods yourselves, with all the potential to become aware of your 12 selves right now.

Our concern at the moment is to give you a road map to help you navigate your way through the multitude of Earth changes. We are here to help you understand the mechanics and dynamics of the transformation of your species.

Did you mistakenly think that homo sapiens was the final product of evolution? Your journey through physicality is but one chapter in a long and magnificent story. It is the story of how God comes to know Itself, through you, as you.

You live in a paradox, what some have called the interplay between linear and nonlinear time. From one vantage point, that of linear time, you are souls experiencing the fourth density world of time and space as enlightened humans, while evolving into fifth, sixth and seventh densities, ever expanding your awareness and raising your vibration to higher and more refined states of Light.

From another vantage point, that of nonlinear time, you are already whole, complete and perfect beings, operating on 12 levels of vibration simultaneously, with past, parallel and future selves all existing at once in their respective dimensions. From this perspective, your creative process is about uncovering the truth of your One Being. To do this, you must remove layer upon layer of illusions, false beliefs, and unawareness, that have been placed over your true essence.

This book will go into the nature of both levels of perception, that of linear and nonlinear time. Within the linear perspective, we will paint you a picture of what is likely to occur on Earth over the next 20 to 30 years or so. To those willing to grow and evolve, it is not only a lovely picture, but a truly amazing one. You are waking up. Planet Earth is waking up. Many years from now, the experiences you have had will seem like a fading dream, mostly a nightmare, wherein you imagined you lived in a world of limitation, disease, poverty, misery, suffering and death. As you dispel these illusions and look upon the world beyond them, it will become harder and harder to even recall the reasons you believed them in the first place. They will seem utterly ridiculous, something reserved for the realm of the stark raving mad.

As you awaken from the dream of duality – light and dark, good and bad, right and wrong, us versus them, etc. – you will begin to wonder how anyone could have ever believed in those things at all. You will look around you and see two basic conditions: awake and asleep. You will not judge those who are still asleep, but you will feel immense love and compassion for them, for they know not what they seem to do. In their dreams of despair, all manner of misfortune appears to hurl itself at them throughout every moment, at every turn in the road. Their lives appear to consist of constantly putting out fires, solving one problem, only to be faced with a dozen more.

Your physicist, Albert Einstein, stated that you cannot solve problems at the level upon which they were created. As you rise above the muck and mire of the realms of duality and pierce the veils of illusion, you will see obvious solutions to the problems of humanity. United in this higher vision, the answers to world problems will be readily apparent and straightforward. Implementation of solutions will be quickly forthcoming.

Within these pages, some of the methods of implementing solutions will be discussed. We will take a practical approach to life on Earth in this book, but at the same time, the presentation will differ substantially from our previous work in that it will be a bit more nonlinear, a bit more “right-brained.” There will be more emphasis on direct experience and less on the acquisition of knowledge. At one point in your process it may have been important to know about the history of your planet, but now it is time to turn your attention to the present and future and to discover the vast, creative, spiritual beings that you are and how to express that creativity in the new world that lies before you.

This book goes into detail on what to expect as you awaken. We promise not to take the fun out of surprises, for even if we could foretell the entire story, there would still be unexpected twists and turns. That is the nature of free will.

Just as a road map typically does not tell you everything you could potentially see along your journey, this book cannot and will not do that. It will, however, be of great reassurance as it describes some of the things you are already experiencing, but for which you have little or no reference points.

The most critical stage of your awakening involves the need to psychologically detach yourselves from the illusory world that is crumbling around you. We will offer a hands-on approach to coping with the drama and trauma of souls in your environment, especially family members and close friends. We will guide you through realms of consciousness that wax and wane, as you confront the many different levels of reality, some simultaneously imposed upon you by those who falsely believe they are in control of your world. Their little games are coming to an end. As you and your beloved Earth awaken, they have a choice. They either awaken or leave the Earth plane. This is not some sort of ultimatum given them by a judgmental Creator, but rather, an outplaying of natural law.

In one of your teachings, you have a statement that goes something like this:

Every moment you are choosing between the resurrection and the crucifixion.

Those of you who are attracted to this book have reached a level of consciousness whereby you no longer need to learn any more about crucifixion. To quote a popular phrase on your world, “You’ve been there, done that.” Therefore, the advice in this book will steer you in the direction of the resurrection. To resurrect means to make all things new again. It means to breathe new life into old energy patterns. You see this in the natural world every springtime, when new blossoms and leaves burst forth from dormant plants. This is the springtime of your souls, dear Creators, and we, the Founders, are privileged to be a part of your blossoming.

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