mega888 Soul Integration

Soul Integration

Soul Integration

Full title: Soul Integration

Author: Sal Rachele

Publisher: Ascension Ltd.

Pages: 400

Cover: Soft

Price at the publisher: BGN 16

Price including delivery: BGN 18

Price at vendors: BGN 18

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Book Description:

Welcome to the dawn of the new Golden Age! You may be asking, “Where is it?” We are in the process of giving birth to a wonderful New Earth, yet all around us we still see misery, suffering, poverty, pollution, and all manner of disease and illness. Although we have been promised a world of peace and plenty, the path to its manifestation is not easy. We are the eyes, ears, hands and feet of God, expressing through physical bodies on Earth. To put this in basic terms, God helps those who help themselves.

As co-creators with God, it is up to us to birth this new world. This book starts by showing us exactly why the world is the way it is, and then goes on to explain how to change it, so we can bring in this wonderful New Age of prosperity, joy, love and enlightenment. It describes, in great detail, the secrets of the soul, and how to align all the levels of ourselves into a powerful, cohesive and magnificent whole. This material is practical, down-to-Earth, and straightforward, yet it reaches for the stars, helping us tap our unlimited potential. Enjoy the journey!

* * * * * * *

Greetings, beloveds, this is the Higher Self of Sal speaking. In this book, you will be hearing from different sets of spirit guides, each with their own unique and individual vibration. Often, they will speak as a collective, or group soul complex, using the terms “we” and “us.”

This introduction will summarize the journey we are taking together, and hopefully begin to prepare you a little bit for what lies ahead in the following chapters.

In Chapter 1, we will examine the evolution of the soul and define its various characteristics, as well as several of its milestones along the evolutionary path. We will review the origins of the soul and what it experienced back in the beginning of its evolution. If you have been involved in spiritual studies for some time, you know that there was a “fall from grace” or original imprint associated with the first descent into matter that took place a long time ago. In Chapter 1, we intend to shed some new light on that experience.

In Chapter 2, we will take a look at the various types of relationships formed by souls with one another, on Earth and in other realms and dimensions. One of the fastest ways to soul growth is through interactions with others. Although there may be a time and place on the path for solitude and even isolation, ultimately all souls must experience the forms of relationship described herein. It is hoped that Chapter 2 will help those of you who seem to be struggling with your Earthly relationships. If you find yourself repeating the same patterns time and time again, or attracting the same kinds of dysfunctional relationships – same issues, different person – then this information should be helpful.

In Chapter 3, we will go into detail on the nature of soul fragmentation, including why it occurs and how to resolve it. This material may be a bit difficult to understand, so we will go slowly and use lots of analogies and examples.

The Christian Bible states that we can “move mountains through our faith.” We would rephrase that as follows: “We can experience our unlimited Higher Self when all the parts of our Being are in alignment.”  In this case, we are being asked to do more than trust blindly in a higher power. Attaining spiritual mastery and reclaiming our true power can only happen when we have complete soul integration. This means that all of the levels of the lower self are working together to unite with the Higher Self. Higher Self is a collective term that actually refers to the six higher levels of the Self, which will be described in Chapter 1.

Chapter 3 will also illustrate the various ways our souls go out of alignment. As we learn to recognize where we are fragmented, we are then able to take the steps given in the next chapter.

Chapter 4 will explore the many healing modalities, exercises and processes that can help restore soul integration. You will find, as you integrate more and more pieces of your soul, that you finally begin to experience the “faith that moves mountains.” You will once again be able to do the things you could do during your time in the Garden of Eden, before experiencing the fall and belief in separation.

In Chapter 5 we will examine the various types and levels of enlightenment, from the eastern philosophical teachings of attaining a “still mind” to the states of rapture and ecstasy experienced by many mystics and avatars. We do not promise to give you an experience of enlightenment, since there are many states of consciousness that cannot be sought and attained directly, but hopefully we will shed some additional light on this topic.

In Chapter 6 we will take a look at how integrated souls function in the world. We will explore some of the ways that the world economy would be different if the souls conducting business were fully in touch with their Higher Self. Sal's beloved spirit guide, Leah, will give us an enlightened discourse on money and finance.

Finally, there are appendices that further explain some of the ideas given throughout the chapters, as well as a glossary and index for your convenience in better understanding the terms we will be using.

Please be patient and gentle with yourself as you go through this book. Some of the material will likely bring up unresolved emotional issues within you that need healing. This is a cause for celebration. You will learn to welcome all opportunities to clear old emotional and psychological issues.

You have recently been through the portal shift of December 21, 2012. Perhaps you are still wondering what happened. Some part of you feels different, while other parts still seem to be the same as before. You will find a brief explanation of the shift in Appendix A.

There is a lot more change on the horizon, both within you and in the outside world. As you go through this material, allow it to assist you in making sense of the chaos and confusion that appear to be all around you.

This world has been a melting pot of souls from all over the universe. You have enlightened saints and avatars living next door to those who are still stuck in animal consciousness. As you move out of judgment and fear, you will learn to appreciate the variety and contrast apparent on this planet.

Remember that every soul has the gift of free will. This means that no two souls will grow and evolve at exactly the same rate. If you need several months to grasp all the ideas and concepts in this book, then accept that. If you breeze right through it in a couple of days, that's fine as well.

As always, it is our pleasure to speak with you and we look forward to helping you in your journey of awakening.

We are the Higher Self of Sal, and it has been our pleasure to introduce this book to you. Let us now begin our exploration, by looking at the nature of the soul.

Sal Rachele

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