mega888 Who Are the Founders?

Who Are the Founders?

The Founders are a group of beings from what I call the 12thdimension. The 12th dimension is a vast realm of Creation existing far beyond what ordinary humans can conceive. To this channel, the Founders appear as giant blue-white balls of light, gradually descending into Earth’s atmosphere a few at a time in order to convey information and enlightenment to humanity. We have left a more detailed description of who the Founders are to their own words. As you go through the various chapters, you will begin to grasp a little bit regarding their origin and consciousness. Their greatest challenge in presenting this work involves how to communicate from their realm to ours in a way that is comprehensible and useful for human evolution.

In order for the Founders to communicate with us at all, they must step down a portion of their vibration from the 12th to the 7th dimension, before even attempting to download the information into my higher mind. Let me explain.

The Founders normally use what is commonly called “telepathic transmission” in order to bring their ideas into the superconscious mind of a human being. They state that they lower the vibration of a tiny part of themselves in order to be able to communicate in this manner. The information streams into the higher mind and is then decoded and translated into the languages of Earth in order that it may be understood by the conscious minds of humanity.

The Founders frequently remind the reader that this is not an easy process. The ideas and concepts presented here are difficult to explain using the limited vocabulary of Earth’s languages. However, much of this material can be absorbed on an energetic level even if the mind is having a hard time grasping it. As you read these messages, pay attention to the energy level of your body and notice what impressions you are receiving “between the lines.”

In keeping with the often used convention herein of repeating information multiple times in slightly different ways, let us restate what we have said so far.

It is not easy to present a coherent body of work from a consciousness that is so far evolved beyond ordinary human understanding. Although many of the following messages may appear to involve a real-time dialogue between two or more entities, most of their information provided by the Founders is downloaded in “batch” format into the superconscious mind of the channel. This information is then brought into the conscious mind for dissemination in this written language. They chose me as one of their spokespersons because of my ability to bridge and blend science and spirituality, and because of my skills in formulating and expressing ideas verbally.

There are many Creator Gods channeling through humans at this time. This is only one group of souls and one channel. You are encouraged to seek out additional material being brought to Earth by other groups of Creator Gods through other channels. In most cases, their material will correlate quite closely with this work.

Keep in mind that the connection between humans and the Founders is an energetic one. A small portion of their consciousness will envelop you as you read these words. Simply allow the portion of their energy that resonates within your own soul come into your mind and help you awaken.

Subjects We Will Cover in This Book

We will begin our journey by having the Founders take us into an exploration of the nature of the Universe, followed by a look at the real history of life on Earth and what is commonly called the extraterrestrial presence in and around Earth, then the focus will shift to the evolution of the soul and what is often called “ascension.”

The Founders will explain what a Merkabah vehicle is and how it functions. They will illuminate the subjects of souls, soul families, soul groups, soul mates, twin souls and similar topics. There will be an attempt to clarify how souls divide and how fragmentation occurs. They will examine which types of fragmentation are beneficial and which are not, and then discuss how to achieve soul integration. The material will also help us understand the concept of timelines.

We are also going to be guided into uncovering the true nature of the DNA, including DNA light keys and codes, which are precursors to the formation of the DNA molecule. We will be looking at aspects of the DNA that are not widely understood by human scientists. The purpose of the so-called “junk DNA” will be explained. In actuality, there is no junk in God’s Creation because all of nature is part of an intelligent design. All creations are aspects of the Godhead. Therefore, all that God created has a purpose.

There is no part of the physical body that does not have a purpose. When we remove organs from the body, we reduce its usefulness to some degree. All bodily parts serve a function. Some of them have very minor functions, such as the appendix, but nevertheless, each part of the body has its place in the grand design. Similarly, each part of the DNA has a function and one of the aspects of the so-called “junk” DNA is to record the extraterrestrial lifetimes of the soul. That brings us back to the subject of ETs. There are two chapters devoted to this topic. In Chapter 3, the Founders give us an overview of the ET presence on Earth, while in Part 2 they detail the roles our ET helpers are filling as we go through the Earth changes.

In Part 2, the Founders are going to explore the nature of the changes, including the precessional alignment of 2012 and the Galactic Shift – what they are, how they work and why they are significant. There will be a brief look at the science of the precession of the axis. Following the scientific explanation of the changes taking place on Earth and in the solar system, the Founders will take an in-depth look at various aspects of the changes as viewed from many fields of study relevant to this subject. These include, in part, the biological, philosophical, psychological, sociological, economical and political arenas.

Finally, there will be a brief glimpse into what life on Earth will probably look like following the changes.

It is my pleasure to be your host as the Founders take you on this immense journey. I invite you to hang on and enjoy the ride!

Sal Rachele

Excerpt from Foreword of "Earth Changes and 2012: Messages from the Founders."

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