mega888 Lord Sananda on Accuracy of Channeled Messages

Lord Sananda on Accuracy of Channeled Messages

Received by Sal Rachele

August 19, 2005

Greetings, beloveds, this is Sananda at your service. I understand we have a question?

Questioner: Yes. Sananda, I would like you to talk about how to discern the accuracy of channeled material. Why is there so much apparent inaccuracy? Why does one message, purportedly from you, contradict another message, also purportedly from you? Is there any way to truly clear up this confusion?

Sananda: A most excellent question, one of the best you could ask. First of all, let me issue a disclaimer. There are no guarantees that this message is 100% accurate. There are no guarantees that any message is 100% accurate. This is unfortunate, but it is the nature of communication in the third dimension. Let me explain.

To begin, let us look at the ways a message can become distorted:

Situation #1: The entity originating the message does not have all the facts, or has a distorted perception of the facts. Okay, this one is hard for a lot of you to swallow. For some reason, just because an entity is not from Earth, or has a fancy-sounding name, or hails from a particular dimension or density, there is a prevailing attitude that the entity is all-wise and all-knowing. While it may be true that such entity has a broader perspective than someone caught in the daily drama of Earth, this in no way guarantees that the entity is perceiving accurately. Even in the so-called higher dimensions, there is the possibility for inaccurate or distorted perception. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why channeled information is often inaccurate.

Situation #2: The entity has difficulty conveying its ideas accurately to the channel. Perhaps the entity has a good overview of the situation at hand, but lacks the experience in conveying the ideas to the channel. This can happen for a variety of reasons. If there is a large gap between the vibration of the entity and the vibration of the channel, accurately conveying the message may require several levels of translation. The information may arrive into the channel’s consciousness through what are known as “energy packets” or quanta of intelligent energy, which then must be translated into the channel’s spoken language of choice (English in the case of this discourse). The entity may choose a word or phrase from the channel’s language and use it in a manner quite different from the way such word or phrase is commonly understood by readers of the material. For example, in “A Course In Miracles”, channeled by Helen Shucman from yours truly, the word “knowledge” is used interchangeably with the idea of enlightenment, while to some, knowledge simply means that gathering and storing of facts in memory.

Situation #3: The channel has a distorted perception of reality and is trying to fit the teachings of the entity into an inaccurate framework. This distortion is perhaps a bit more difficult to track and recognize. Every channel has Earthly issues and experiences which are used as a filter for new experiences. The level of awareness and evolution of the channel influence the quality of the channeling to a great degree. This is one reason the channel of this message did not begin publicly disseminating my information until quite recently. He did not want to take a chance that the message would be distorted by his own background, mannerisms, ideas, etc.

Situation #4: Deliberate deception and fraud. It is unfortunate, but there are many entities who are not what they claim to be. These entities have hidden or overt agendas and are using human channels to further their own selfish purposes. They will intentionally deceive channels into believing what the entity thinks they should believe. At the same time, an entity might be well-meaning, but the channel may have a hidden agenda and deliberately distort the messages in order to serve a selfish agenda. This scenario seldom happens when both the entity and the channel have a relatively high level of awareness. However, there are many entities and channels claiming to be someone or something that they are not.

Situation #5: The effects of free will, especially on prophecy, are variable. Even if the entity and channel are pure and clear, and the message is successfully transmitted through the channel with accurate information, that information can change, due to free will. Any psychic or prophet can be proven wrong simply by a free will choice to change the outcome of a prediction. This is why true channels and benevolent entities will never claim 100% accuracy, especially when making predictions. Some prophecies are designed to be simply warnings, and the entity may issue the prophecy with the express intention that it be proven wrong. A loving entity does not desire to see death and destruction, yet may give a prophecy describing such in the hopes that it will spur action to prevent the manifestation of the prophecy. You may have heard the expression, “A failed prophecy is a successful prophecy.”

Beloveds, it is not easy discerning accurate information when living in the third dimension. We offer you our utmost respect, appreciation for what you are going through on Earth at this time, and our sincerest gratitude that you have chosen this mission. We are here to assist you in any way possible. We know it is not easy. We never said it would be easy. Nevertheless, you live in exciting times when new possibilities are being brought forth and new ways of living are being made available to you that have never before been possible.

A great time of awakening is at hand. In order to awaken fully, all that is false must be brought to the surface to be healed. This is what you are seeing at this time. Above all else, remember that the love of your Creator, and your awareness that your Creator lives, moves and has its being within you, is your greatest defense against illusions. Go within, beloveds. Go deep within to the Source of your Being. The truth is found there, and nowhere else. All else will be distorted on some level. Everything I say, or everything another channel or entity says, should be taken within and held up to scrutiny. How does it feel? What do you know in your heart to be true? Does the information truly assist you on your path? Yes, we have been through all this before, but daily there are channeled messages being bantered back and forth that contradict one another, so a reminder is in order. Go within, beloveds. Go to the Source of your Being. I am Sananda, bringing you joy, love and peace.


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