mega888 Leah on Spirituality, Healing and Enlightenment

Leah on Spirituality, Healing and Enlightenment

Received by Sal Rachele

Recorded from a workshop – edited June 1, 2007

Question: Are emotions part of spirituality?

Leah: Greetings, beloveds, this is Leah once again. You have asked a very important question and we will give a clear and concise answer.

Everything is part of spirituality. You know, spirituality is about spirit. Right? And what is spirit? It is the activity of God, the energy of God, that is spirit. And it is a word that is used very broadly to describe souls, but it is more generic than souls. Souls are a specific form of spirit. So everything is spiritual, including emotions.

It is a big, big lie on your world that your body is not spiritual or that your emotions are not spiritual or that your sexuality or the activity of the so-called lower chakras is not spiritual. They are all spiritual or you would not have them.

Would God give you anything that is useless? Now some of the parts of your body, like your appendix, do not have a very significant role, so perhaps you can live without them and still function. Okay? But Nature did not make junk. Your scientists say you have junk DNA. How silly is that! That is ridiculous! How can you have junk DNA? God did not make junk. Every part of your DNA has a purpose. Okay?

We did get off the subject a little. Please forgive us because we already answered the question. Emotions are very spiritual. They are part of your spirit. God feels through you.

Even anger is part of God.

"Ooh, Leah, what are you saying?"

You heard us. Even anger is part of God because everything is God. All is God.

When you judge your feelings, that is what gets you in trouble. The worst thing you can do is judge your emotions. You say, “I am wrong for feeling angry. Something is wrong with me.” You have just put yourself in a prison cell. You put iron chains on your legs and on your arms and you put a big padlock on the gate to freedom when you say, “Something is wrong with me.” That is the worst thing you can say or think to yourself. Yes? Because nothing is ever really wrong with you.

It is that belief that gets you into trouble. It is that belief that causes your bad behavior. Not that the bad behavior makes you bad and wrong, but the belief that you are bad and wrong causes bad behavior. You see the cause and effect there? Okay.

Question: Leah, what is time like in your world?

Leah: We exist in a time frame that is different than yours. We talk through this channel for two of your hours, not even two, say one and half hours, and to us, it is like a blink of an eye. So, we are connecting with all of you and will continue to connect with all of you after this channel is done verbalizing our ideas and, in fact, that is one of the things we talk about through many of our channels – how we will continue to be here for you when they are done talking.

It will have to be that way, will it not? Or we would not be able to do what we are doing because this mouth is not always available. This throat is not always working. Sometimes he has to rest and go to sleep too.

It is our delight to spend time with you.

We have time for maybe one or two more questions.

Question: Leah, can you talk about the spiritual causes of senility?

Leah: The body can be healed spiritually, as all illness can be healed spiritually. It is a clogging up of the communication lines between the etheric body and the physical body that causes what you call “senility” diseases. Okay? And it is coming partly because the soul is wishing to leave the physical body so it is no longer putting the etheric energy into the physical body that was there before, and so there is a disconnect going on between the etheric body and the physical body. The memories are in the etheric body, so the brain, which is in the physical body, no longer has proper access to the memories, which are in the etheric body, because of the severance of cords between the etheric body and the physical body.

We are using a lot of words to try to describe this, but that is our understanding.

Question: What is the role of science in spirituality?

Leah: You need to know that science is part of spirituality because science is simply a method of observing God’s universe. It is asking the question, “How does God’s universe work?” That is science. Scientific methods are employed to answer the statement, “Let us find out what is truth and how truth works.” Unfortunately, many of your so-called scientists are not doing very well at upholding that principle because they are seeing through little filters. They are seeing what they want to see, not what is actually there, because one big scientist with a big ego comes up with a nice new theory and the whole world decides to adopt this theory and then everybody is afraid to go outside of the theory because they will be laughed at and called “quacko.”

So you have people who are not really scientists. They just put big fancy letters after their name and call themselves scientists, but they are not willing to go outside of the little box they have built for themselves. That is not a scientist. That is a conformist. That means that they have lots of knowledge, but they don’t have any wisdom. Okay? Do you agree? Yes.

Even Einstein, he was a beautiful soul, created many wonderful things, but now there are others discovering that some of what he said was not accurate and they are afraid to criticize him. How dare you criticize what Einstein did? Oh, okay. Then you want to be in a little box and not grow.

Question: What do you need to do to break out of the little box and help the world?

Leah: The number one thing you can do is let go of judgment. There are no bad races. There are no bad countries. There are bad behaviors. There are souls that are wandering around in darkness. A lot are confused, many of whom seem to be leading your countries. At least, they seem to be because they are not really.

What you can do to help your world, the first thing to do is let go of judgment of everybody, especially yourself. And the next thing you do is learn how to love yourself and love others unconditionally. And know that you are powerful and you make a difference. Truly make a difference, more than you can possibly realize.

You have touched so many lives. You would be amazed to know how many lives you have touched. Every one of you, not just this channel, not just a few of you. All of you have touched many, many lives. The world would be nowhere near what it is now without you. You are very powerful beings.

You have been lied to and told that you are not powerful. Just like you have been lied to about this body – that it is a base thing that needs to be overcome because it is full of sin and all of that garbage. There are lots of lies in your world. Lots of untruths. We do not have time to go into it anymore right now.

We apologize. We would love to talk all night. This channel’s throat has been talking all day. He is going to have to rest his throat. Okay?

So we are going to say good-night to you.

We can have one more question.

Question: Is it wise to seek enlightenment?

Leah: It is wise to search for it until you realize it already exists within you. Once you realize that, then of course the search is over. Yes? But you don’t ever find it out there in the first place. It has always been in here, but it is necessary to discover for yourself that it is not out there so you have to start by searching out there until you realize it was not out there to begin with. However, once you realize it is in here, than it is also out there as well. What a paradox, isn’t it? All of your teachers have said that, have they not? If you think very closely and you put it in those words, you realize what they are all saying. Let us say it one more time in case you missed it.

It is always in here (within the self). It has always been and always will be in here, but until you realize that, you must look outside for it in order to realize that it is not outside, because it is inside. Once you realize it is inside, than you realize it is also outside because it is everywhere. Okay? It is a paradox, just like the one where you have linear time and eternal time. It is a paradox. You have eternal now moments where everything already is what it is and you are already perfect, and then you have linear time where you are learning to perfect yourself. A paradox, yes?

They both exist. They are both real. They are two different dimensions where they can both be known. Free will and pre-destiny both exist. There is one dimension where everything is already planned out and is unfolding according to the plan and there is another one where you create moment-to-moment with your thoughts and your decisions. They are both true. They are two different dimensions.

We have enjoyed this time with you. We are Leah and members of the Galactic Confederation, at your service in God’s Infinite Love.

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