mega888 The Original Cause Story

The Original Cause Story

The simple version of emergence from the Godhead is that you came out of the “womb” of your Father/Mother God as seventh density sparks of Light, called souls. A more complex, but equally valid description, is that you stepped out from the Godhead, down to a level 12 Universal God Self, then differentiated into a level 11 Individual God Self, which divided further into a level 10 Christic or Buddhic Self (we are using these terms to denote the Higher Self of the ones known as Jesus of Nazareth and Gautama Siddhartha, although we could have used the term “Great Central Sun” to describe this level of Being). From there, you divided further into a monad, or level nine being, and then divided into an oversoul, or level eight being, and finally, to the end product, a seventh density soul.

The Descent into Darkness

We are going to go into the nature of the “fall from grace,” as some of your scriptures call it. Unfortunately, the beings who originally communicated this information (which ended up in the major religions on Earth) either did not have a complete understanding of what happened, or in some cases deliberately laid a guilt trip on you in order to control you.

We will recount our experience of what happened during the fall from grace, without any judgment or bias. During the entire process, we remained in the higher realms, observing, without interference, the intensity of your experience.

As level seven beings, you looked out and saw a vast, uncharted realm that we now call the “lower worlds.”

The lower worlds we are referring to are known as level six – the causal plane, level five – the etheric plane, level four – the astral plane, level three – the mental plane (including the ego and personality), level two – the emotional body (including the instincts and sexuality), and level one – the physical body.

Your souls started out as seventh density beings, enjoying the full powers and creativity of beings in that level, and then began having intense experiences of the outer Creation as they dropped their vibration down into levels one through six. The initial experience of venturing forth into the lower cosmos resulted in some very intense contractions of energy and vibration. This is the “Original Cause” that precipitated many of the core negative beliefs that souls still carry from lifetime to lifetime.

Contrary to the tone of many of the scriptural versions of the descent into matter, this was not akin to being kicked out of the Kingdom of Heaven. It was not a criminal sentence passed by a judgmental and angry God. It was simply the way souls experienced the densification into matter inherent with exploration of the outer worlds.

When a human child is born into the world, the experience is often very traumatic. After feeling safe, warm and comfortable for nine months, suddenly there are bright lights, harsh sounds and sensations, and an intense feeling of separation from mother. Multiply this experience millions of times and you begin to get an idea of what you experienced as young souls when you emerged from the Godhead and plunged into the lower worlds.

Most of you were not simply thrust out of the cosmic womb, but had a period of getting to know yourself as seventh density beings of Light. This natural state of unlimited power and creativity has been likened to your “Garden of Eden,” an idyllic state where everything was provided and you lived in a verdant paradise. After perhaps a few million Earth years of living in this paradise, you bravely volunteered to begin exploring the cosmos. Although you were briefed on what to expect, you were not prepared for the intensity of the experience.

Almost all of you still have etheric and causal body imprints from Original Cause. Most of you are still trying to find your way back to the Garden of Eden, and have blamed yourself for the sorrow and misery you have experienced on Earth.

You may be wondering, “If God is all-powerful and all-knowing, then how could He (or She) allow this trauma to happen?”

Unlike the static, unchanging deity portrayed in many paths, God is still growing and evolving, expressing as you and countless other life forms. There is an eternal “paradise” state near the center of the Godhead, which all of you are intimately connected to (although here on Earth it seems to be far away). As you ventured forth in the beginning, farther and farther toward the periphery of the Creation, you entered the unmanifested realms where anything is possible.

Being given the same creative powers as the Godhead, one of those powers is the ability to create unlike the verdant paradise near the center and experience a wide range of sensations, from ecstasy to terror.

As young and inexperienced creators, you have been given an entire dimension of the universe in which to practice your creative abilities – the astral realms. In fact, the astral planes have been called the “scratch pad of Creation” by some teachers. Unfortunately, many of you have become stuck in the astral realms between physical lifetimes. Souls might take millions of years exploring the outer worlds and astral states before returning to their natural beingness in seventh density. Once you begin ascending out of the lower realms, you eventually get off the wheel of reincarnation. This is called “spiritual ascension.” Now your adventures into the outer Creation become voluntary. You are there to help those that are still stuck in a seemingly endless prison of duality.

As you once again begin venturing forth into dark and dense realities, you become the Lights unto those dark places that have not yet evolved enough to become aware of Divinity. You are doing this every time you reincarnate on worlds such as Earth. If you are reading this, you are most likely returning to help after having spiritually ascended some time ago.

Excerpt from the book "Soul Integration" by Sal Rachele

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