Higher Self versus Spirit Guides

Higher Self versus Spirit Guides Greetings, this is the Higher Self of Sal. We will now visit a vitally important topic regarding the difference between your Higher Self and your spirit guides.

Your souls have higher and lower aspects. As you learn to tune into your higher nature, you will discover a rhythm and beauty that is uniquely yours. You will come to recognize and know your Higher Self.

All sovereign beings in the universe are multidimensional and have both lower and higher aspects. Your higher aspects are capable of communicating with the higher aspects of other souls, regardless of whether or not they are in human bodies, are discarnate, or are sovereign beings from other worlds or dimensions.

As you grow and evolve, it is important to distinguish between the various forms of soul energy and the levels and dimensions in which such energy is operating. This is especially important when seeking advice from your Higher Self or spirit guides.

How do you tell the difference between higher aspects of your own soul and aspects of other souls?

While ultimately all souls are part of One Being, within that One Being are infinite variations and unique patterns of Light. As you move through your soul evolution, you will enter into a state of consciousness whereby every being that enters your space is exactly right for assisting you on your path. While ultimately this is always true, there may be times when your soul lesson involves developing the ability to use discernment. In other words, sometimes souls may not be right for you and you must ask them to leave. If you do not know the difference between the levels and dimensions of various beings, it can be difficult to know who to keep and who to send away. Let's start with the difference between your own Higher Self and spirit guides. If you can make this distinction, you can then more easily discern who and what is right for you.

It is possible for your subconscious mind to interfere and even try to convince you that you are in contact with a specific being or beings, when in fact, it is your own subconscious mind that is communicating with you. This means you must also be able to differentiate between your subconscious mind and your Higher Self. To take this one step further, your subconscious mind can convince you that a lower level spirit is actually an ascended master or higher dimensional entity. So this also means telling the difference between your subconscious mind and lower level spirits (discarnate entities). Therefore, we will be visiting all these topics in the pages ahead.

As you move along your path, you will learn to recognize the “soul signature” of every being you encounter. For now, we ask you to use the litmus test we have given in every one of our books in order to tell the difference between levels of vibration and hence, types of beings. Here is the short version.

Ask yourself the following questions when in contact with a being or form of consciousness:

Does this being or energy support my spiritual growth?

Do I feel more alive and aware in the presence of this being or energy?

Does this being or energy encourage me to think for myself?

Does this being or energy give me the space to move at my own pace?

How do I feel after communicating with this being or energy?

You can ask that all energies, thought forms and entities that are perfect and right for you be attracted to and enter into your personal space. Conversely, any energies, thought forms and entities that are not right and perfect for you can be made to leave your space, either temporarily or permanently.

The following information can be used to differentiate between your Higher Self and spirit guides:

First, spirit guides will almost always identify themselves by name or class, usually in the first sentence. Example: “Greetings, dear Creators, we are the Founders.” Your own Higher Self will seldom identify itself. If it does, it will simply say, “I am the higher wisdom of the one known as (insert your name).”

Second, spirit guides usually only come when they are called or invoked. You may see them in meditation and seek to establish communication with them. They may be present in your space simply to monitor or observe you, but they rarely initiate conversation unless there is a pressing need for intervention that your soul has already agreed to on some other level. On the other hand, your Higher Self is always available and will often intervene if you have been calling it in frequently.

As you learn to meditate regularly and use the power of invocation (see next page), you will recognize the energetic difference between your Higher Self and spirit guides. For this channel, the Higher Self appears as a beautiful golden, radiant Light that is similar to God's Golden, Radiant, Loving Light, while his various spirit guides have different colors, patterns and textures (as well as identifying themselves by name).

Regarding the difference between loving spirit guides and unloving ones, loving spirit guides tend to view you as equal to them. They do not talk down to you, or act patronizing or judgmental. If a being seems to be judging you, ask it to leave, or make sure your own ego is not getting in the way of the communication. Shortly, we will look at specific invocations to help prevent unloving spirit guides from entering your space.

If you are clairvoyant, you will note that loving spirit guides are pleasing to the third eye, often having soft pastel colors, and will send a soothing and calming energy into your body, while unloving spirit guides may consist of darker colors with a “frantic” or “uneasy” feeling. In some cases, you might feel cold with shivers in the presence of an unloving spirit guide.

There are many variations when it comes to your Higher Self and spirit guides. There are times when spirit guides will “overshadow” an Earth-bound soul. This might be by soul agreement, or if the spirits are unloving, it may involve a partial or total possession. Truly loving spirit guides are willing to give you the space necessary to learn your soul lessons. They will not try and force you to do anything, and they will be careful not to overshadow you or climb into the inner parts of your auric field.

As is often the case, there are exceptions to the general rules of engagement between Earth souls and spirit guides, including situations whereby the Higher Self of one being can interchange itself with the Higher Self of another being. In Chapter 3, we will look at the various ways spirit guides can interact with Earth souls, including an examination of possessions and entity attachments, situations where other souls can mix and mingle with your own soul energy.

Excerpt from the book "Soul Integration" by Sal Rachele

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