When Аre Twin Flames Together?

When are twin flames together? From an ultimate point of view, theyare together all the time, but obviously it does not seem that way from thepoint of view of the Earth-bound soul. Most twin flames spend timetogether between incarnations, or in out-of-body experiences, deepmeditation, or the dream state. Occasionally, both members will be in thesame dimension at the same time (usually level six or higher), dependingon what each individual soul wishes to learn.

Eventually, all souls become evolved enough to go into whatever levelor dimension they desire, in which case you are free to spend time withyour twin flame, or not. For the sake of simplicity, we will say that theminimum requirement for “unlimited access” to your twin flame is a levelsix consciousness.

On planet Earth, there are a lot of built-in restrictions to preventpremature contact with twin flames. These conditions are designed to helpsouls focus on their life purpose and mission. Your soul agreed to theseboundaries prior to incarnating here. The most common safeguard isorchestrated by the parent part of your soul. Essentially, your soul agreesto keep you away from open contact with your twin flame until you haveevolved sufficiently to be able to handle the emotional ramifications ofsuch contact. Many relatively unevolved souls would drop everything andseek immediate exit from the body if they were given the chance tocommunicate with their twin flame in the higher realms. At the very least,they would lose interest in continuing on their Earthly path, and mightspend every minute of the day pining for their cosmic counterpart.

If such lesser evolved souls are having difficulty with Earth lessons(and they usually are), then they now have two reasons to want to leavethe Earth. First, they begin to remember that life in the higher planes isfree of suffering. Second, they remember the joy of union with theircounterpart. What they experienced then was certainly more desirable thanthe constant suffering that seems to accompany Earth life.

Because Earth is a free will planet, the primary fragment of souls canrefuse to observe the safeguards inherent within the current system. Inaddition, some twin flames miss their Earth-bound counterparts sointensely that they may insist on coming to Earth to find their partner.Once in a while, the Earth-bound soul tries desperately to persuade his orher counterpart in the higher realms to incarnate on Earth and succeeds ingetting the counterpart to come here.

In the rare instances where twin flames do meet on Earth, therelationship is almost always extremely difficult. First of all, both partnerswill likely be enmeshed in other relationships prior to the encounter. Dueto the highly intense nature of meeting your twin flame, it becomesdifficult to conduct so-called “business as usual” on Earth.

Because the parent part of the soul does not condone twin flamemeetings on Earth, such higher aspects of the self do not orchestrate themeeting and prepare the individuals beforehand. In a sense, the twin flamepairs are on their own and are not receiving help from their soul familymembers. (Of course, their soul family members love them deeply, as theyshake their higher dimensional heads in disbelief at what is happening.)

Another reason twin flames rarely meet on Earth is that the oversoulthat comprises the six twin flame pairs usually wants to have a diversity oflife experience from the six members who are embodying on Earth, soeach of those six members will tend to incarnate into widely different partsof the Earth, in varying circumstances. So it is rare for primary soul familymembers to meet each other, and even more rare if they are twin flames.

Most soul mate relationships on Earth are between secondary orextended soul family members. Nevertheless, these relationships can bequite intense and beautiful and are often mistaken for twin flameencounters.

What makes this more confusing is that oftentimes twin flamecounterparts in the higher realms will “channel” through a number ofdifferent souls on Earth, and therefore, have some of their energyembedded into those various Earth-bound souls. If the Earthly counterpartto the twin happens to meet one of these channels, there is the opportunityto talk directly to the counterpart. If the Earth-bound soul is not aware ofwhat is happening, he or she might mistakenly believe that the channel isthe counterpart. If the Earth-bound soul is sufficiently evolved, the higherdimensional counterpart can channel through his or her human body.

For example, I, Leah, work with over 100 souls on Earth in addition tothis channel. If he were to meet one of those 100 souls, he might, if hewere not already channeling me and were not aware of my role as spiritguide in the higher dimensions, mistakenly believe that he had met me,since my energy is in those other souls (to some extent).

Of course, the next best thing to meeting your twin flame would betalking to him or her through another human being who is acting as achannel or vehicle. While this is done periodically when it is determinedthat this would benefit the evolving Earth-bound soul, there are dangersinvolved in this form of twin flame encounter.

If an Earth-bound soul prematurely meets his or her twin flame whenthe higher-dimensional counterpart is channeling through another humanbeing, this could trigger the same deep longing that would occur if thecounterpart had contacted the Earth-bound soul directly. That could bedetrimental to the Earth-bound soul's progress, for the reasons discussedabove.

In summary, remembering your twin flame can be shocking if youhave not evolved sufficiently, especially if you have been asleep anddreaming of duality for a long time. This is because the suddenremembrance can bring up an intense longing to be with the twin flame.This longing can take the Earth-bound soul away from his or her Earthlyresponsibilities. Now the Earth-bound soul no longer wants to live in theworld, and can think of nothing else but the counterpart in the higherrealms.

“I can't wait to get out of this hell hole called Earth so I can bereunited with my twin flame,” he mourns and laments. Not only is the lovebetween them so intense that they are unable to concentrate on Earthlymatters, but along with the intense love often comes a remembrance ofwhat the higher dimensions are like – free of war, poverty, suffering, etc.This doubles the longing, since most Earth-bound souls who do makecontact with their twin flames have evolved enough to be “sick and tired”of the drama of duality.

Please excuse us for repeating this idea, but we want to be sure youunderstand what is involved in meeting your twin flame.

Excerpt from the book "Soul Integration"

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