A Word About Communities

Excerpt from the February Newsletter by Sal Rachele

I'm here at the Damanhur intentional community. It's been almost two months since I arrived. My purpose in coming here was two-fold: to have a much-needed rest from my constant travels, and to learn more about how a successful community operates. I intend to use what I learn to either start my own community, or join one that feels truly right to me.

The process of becoming a citizen of Damanur is rather involved and takes time and commitment. It is likely I will not be pursuing a full-time part in this community in the immediate future. Although there are many great qualities about Damanhur (that I will be writing about following completion of my temporary program in March), I feel my services are needed more in other places. I go where I am needed the most, where I can be of the greatest service. Right now, that seems to be eastern Europe, so you will notice, as you review the schedule recently updated on my website, that there are several appearances in those countries.

Why is community so important?

The age of isolated individuals living in large cities is coming to a close. This lifestyle is simply not sustainable. Most places on Earth are heavily dependent on the global distribution system, a structure that has been dominated by "empirical interests" for thousands of years. The people who seem to be in power have impeded the spiritual progress of souls on Earth, and now that Earth and all life upon her is ascending, outdated systems that promote greed, intolerance, religious bigotry, control, oppression, poverty, punishment and such, will disappear.

Of course, this will not happen overnight. Nobody is going to wave a magic wand and make the world's troubles disappear. We all must do our part to clear our negative thoughts and emotions, and let go of beliefs that no longer serve us. The first belief to eliminate is the one that says we are powerless to change the system. WE ARE THE SYSTEM, despite appearances to the contrary. No negative ETs, bankers, Illuminati masters, oppressive regimes, or dark astral entities can have any power over us unless we allow it through believing we are powerless, and by failing to heal our inner demons.

We know how challenging it is to refuse to buy into the prevailing beliefs of the world. This planet has been in darkness for thousands of years. But we came here to make a difference, and we are doing that every time we infuse ourselves with the light of God and shine that light into the dark corners of the Earth. We are multidimensional, and so our problems are also multidimensional. We must examine and heal every part that has gotten out of balance.

This year, my workshops and sessions will include an exploration of our cosmic heritage, as well as the mechanics of ascension. We will continue to work with timelines and soul integration, as well as how to create enlightened relationships and successfull communities. I invite you to join me, either in person, or online, as we continue to build the glorious New Age.

A few links of interest

I do not encourage anyone to rely exclusively on the work of me and my guides, so periodically I provide links to the work of other souls. For a beautiful, optimistic assessment of the future, I recommend Patricia Cota-Robles:


Although I don't agree with some of the material in the following link, it has some interesting ideas for you to consider:


Until next month, keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.


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